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G.C.R. light weight panel system

When choosing the material and style and color for your fence it is important too keep in mind the material, colors and style of your home. Let our friendly staff guide you in choosing the right modular fence for your home.

G.C.R Fencing products

G.C.R Fencing products have been tested in all conditions and have proven to be a very well balance product, combining technology with style. The system is comprised of panels, posts and caps with no need for bolts or screws.

G.C.R Light Weight Panels systems

G.C.R fencing panel system comprises of 2 layers of Future Board RMS 10mm x 600mm x 2400mm with an internal layer of 40mm polystyrene centre giving a 60mm thick standard panel. Panels can be made to order with the standard fence being 1800mm high.

Because of it superiority over other similar products, panels can be shaped to suit the contour of the land with as little as using a hand saw, so there is no need to supply expensive footings or brick work.

Panels are lightweight in construction and have no need for heavy mechanical equipment, with very little impact to the environment or existing garden beds.

G.C.R fencing system can be located along side water, salt water pools, play grounds, parks and is used in all types of landscaping.

G.C.R Panels-sheets

Future Board RMS is used in a wide range of external and internal building
applications under all types of conditions. Future Board has been approved by the C.S.I.R.O with compliance verified in accordance with the classification described in AS/NZS2908.2:2000 commissioned by Global Connect Resourcing Pty Ltd.

Future board being a product with proven superiority over simular products, with the ease of installation and with properties such as water resistant, fire resistant, sound resistant, vermin and termite resistant and contains thermal and insulation properties just to name a few.

Future Board comes in a large range of thicknesses from 3.5mm to 25mm. The panel is high impact and ideal for high traffic areas that needs to be protected from abuse.

Future board is chemically stable and environmentally friendly and has been tested by Uni Quest and was found to have NO asbestos. Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) can be supplied.

Future Board RMS was selected by Global Connect Resourcing to add to a growing list of products being supplied to the building industry.

G.C.R Fence Post

G.C.R fence posts, are a unique blend of fibre reinforce concrete with a hollow centre.

Posts are concreted into the ground with support bars or simply attached to the concrete with an adaptor then core filled to maximise strength.

This process adds strength and durability and will stand all conditions not to mention the provision to install lighting before filling, allowing for the ultimate fence post.

G.C.R Railing caps

Railing caps for the top of the panel complement the finishing touches. Railing comes in set lengths of 2400 x 150 x 50 mm made from the same products as the panels. They allow for the completion of the fence giving a modern look along with strength and durability.

The rails are attached to the panels simply by sliding it into position and sticking it down with and all-purpose industrial adhesive. There is no need to use any screws or brackets.

G.C.R Post caps

Post caps sit on top of the posts and the transformation is completed. Caps come in a set size of 200 x 200 x 50 mm made from the same products as the panels.

Caps are attached to the post simply by sliding it into position and sticking it down with and all-purpose industrial adhesive. There is no need to use any screws or brackets.


G.C.R Fencing Products allow for any type of finish including render or just paint to the required colour. A three-coat system works best.

Recommended Products for the installation of G.C.R Fencing system


1. Bostic for all joints
2. No more nails to attach the rails and caps

Handling and storage

All G.C.R products should be stored flat and in a dry location.


On the completion of an installation and if the installation of G.C.R fencing product complies to the installation procedure manual by an approved installer, the system is guaranteed under the Building code of the governing state law.